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DIY Bundles & Turnkey Solutions

- Audit Prep - Supply Chain Risk Management

DIY Bundles & Turnkey Solutions

- DIY Bundle include everything you need to begin your journey towards DFARS compliance and on-demand support. 

- CMMCsmart Solutions include an array of turnkey compliant products and services that accelerate AND sustain your DFARS compliance. 

  • Affordable DIY Bundles and Turnkey Compliance Support at an affordable monthly cost

  • Online NIST/DFARS Documentation Tools, Process Support, and POA&M Support

  • CMMCsmart compliant Policies & Procedures

  • CMMCsmart compliant Training


  • Affordable Network Security Monitoring

  • CUI Data Management

  • Online CMMCsmart Risk & Security Assessment Software Wizard

  • Online CMMCsmart POA&M Management & SSP Software Wizard

  • Online CMMCsmart compliant Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC) as a Service

  • CUI Data Management by Specified Category (CTI/EXPT)

  • CMMCsmart compliant Cloud Environment 

  • CMMCsmart compliant Data Loss Prevention

  • CMMCsmart compliant VWAN and Network Security Architecture 

  • Distributed Key Encryption Email and Data Management Solutions


Agile Compliance Sprints

- Audit Prep - Supply Chain Risk Management

DIY Bundles & Turnkey Solutions

How fast can we become compliant?  Start TOMORROW.

The DFARS Deadline was December 31st 2017. 

Pressure from prime contractors to verify and validate DFARS compliance, and the impending CMMC third party certification in 2020... 

  • Accelerate your path to compliance with proven Agile-structured compliance sprints

  • CMMCsmart Compliance Sprints makes it happen, RIGHT NOW

  • Understand the Convergence of ITAR & EAR Compliance with CMMC/DFARS Requirements

  • Understand the growing Federal False Claims Act (FCA) risk

  • DCMA DIBCAC Assessment Program Preparation for Prime Contractors or Supplier

  • CMMCsmart Partners Program 

- Audit Prep - Supply Chain Risk Management

- Audit Prep - Supply Chain Risk Management

- Audit Prep - Supply Chain Risk Management

DTC Global prepares your company and suppliers for DCMA DIBCAC Assessment by the U.S. Government. 

Understand the reasonable expectation rule per 32CFR, part 2002 and DFARS 252.204-7012 (m)  Per Companies must hae a reasonable expectation of their suppliers compliance and exercise due diligence and due care standards

Small and Mid-Size Companies Responsibilities

Ask for Help. Expertise matters for those assessing subcontractors and supply chain: NIST MEP Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Handbook For Assessing NIST SP 800-171 Security Requirements in Response to DFARS Cybersecurity Requirements

Help is on the way to your company and your valued suppliers to develop, assess, or implement a SCM CUI Compliance Risk Management Framework Program through our SCM partners program

DTC Global has the tools, expertise, and experience to get it done right the first time 

  • Supplier DIY Bundles and Support Bundles for turn-key compliance at an affordable monthly cost

  • CMMCsmart supplier Compliant Enterprise Solutions

  • CMMCsmart Supplier Compliant CUI Data Management Cloud Environment 

  • CMMCsmart Compliant Network Supplier Security Architecture Redesign

  • CMMCsmart Compliant VSOC for Suppliers