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CMMC has built the bridge between proverbial risk and opportunity. The DIB is faced with rec-onciling the real costs of not doing enough in the recent past, embrace the urgency CMMC certification introduces, and then seek any competitive advantage within the near future. The chasm between risk and opportunity is filled with jagged words like duty, breach of duty, cau-sation, injury, misrepresentation, consolidation, and scarcity. 

A high stakes competitive advantage is emerging with regard to Supply Chain DFARS/CMMC conformity and risk management. You won’t find any organization with a better understanding of how NIST 800-171 applies to your business. 




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We educate and instruct about Controlled Unclassified Informa-tion (CUI) and Sensitive Data as it applies to your business and operations. 

Risk Management

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Whether it’s CUI / FCI, DFARS or NIST compliance, DTC Global prepares your com-pany for CMMC by helping you identify and mitigate risks. 

Turnkey Solutions

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We provide an array of turnkey compliant products and services to help you achieve AND sustain your DFARS compliance. 

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Our products and services include:

Automated Risk & Security Assessment Tools

Policies & Procedures Templates

DFARS Documentation Tools

Process Support

POA&M Support

Plus, we can explain, clarify, and help you understand the… 

Reasonable Expectation Rule per 32CFR, part 2002 and DFARS 252.204-7012 (m)

Convergence of ITAR & EAR Compliance with CMMC/DFARS Requirements

Risks you face with growing Federal False Claims Act (FCA)

… and much more!


CMMCsmart Basics

Safeguarding Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is the important objective of DFARS Compliance and NIST 800-171 Requirements. Most Small and Mid-Sized Companies are con-fused on where to start, how to implement CUI requirements, and where are the problem areas for most companies. Here’s what you need to know today: 




Transforming an organization is one of the hardest, most thankless challenges any leader can undertake. The DTC Global blog can help break it down what you need to know about compliance into smaller, easier to digest components. 

Digital Transformation Daily

Today’s Cyber & Technology Headlines. Stay on top of what’s going on the CMMC ecosystem with up to the minute articles that can help you transform and accelerate your organizational maturity compliance. 

Additional Resources

There are significant risk factors shaping the CMMC Frame-work within the defense industrial and manufacturing base. Here are links to resources and other information you need. 

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